Forget 3D! Watch Avatar in 4D!

Were you impressed by Avatar in all its overhyped 3D glory? Well, forget that! Avatar has gone 4D. 

There is one catch, though: the 4D “version” of Avatar is currently only playing at a single CJ-CGV theater in South Korea.

According to Han Sunhee of Variety, the 4D screening uses over 30 “special effects” during the 3D film’s 162 minute run, including moving seats,  smells of explosives, sprinkling water, laser lights and fan-powered wind.

“There is no 4D theater like ours around the world. CGV’s 4D plex is the first in the world that fully offers five-sense experiences with a movie title,” CJ-CGV spokesperson Kim Daehee told Variety.

Meanwhile, Vladislav Savov of Engadget noted that the $15.80 4D experience thoroughly stimulated all five senses and was sure to keep the audience wide awake during the screening.

“Sure, it’s a gimmick and takes a loose interpretation of what the word dimension means, but at least it’s unlikely you’ll fall asleep during the movie, as some of us may or may not have done while watching the 3D screening,” wrote Savov.