For Nvidia, the future is all about cross-platform gaming

Senior JPR analyst Ted Pollak recently described the majority of mainstream gamers as “technology enthusiasts” who routinely utilize a number of devices, including computers, handheld consoles, tablets and smartphones.

Pollak’s sentiments were closely echoed by Nvidia spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo, who told TG Daily it was “way too early” to suggest gamers were eschewing a traditional PC experience. 

“Smartphones and tablets are simply becoming added devices that allow for cross-platform, multiplayer gaming,” explained Del Rizzo.

“Personally, I find this to be a particularly exciting time. For me, it is interesting to see where this all goes, as the plethora of devices herald a definite evolution of the gaming world.”

According to Del Rizzo, Nvidia’s Tegra processor lineup ensures gamers don’t have to compromise while playing intensive titles on mobile platforms. 

To illustrate his point, the Nvidia rep pointed to Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, which was recently showcased running on Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets.

“With Tegra, you really don’t have to compromise. We know gamers don’t want to sacrifice graphics and speed just because they are playing on a different, mobile platform.

“Smartphones, tablets, desktops or notebooks – we want gamers to have the  same visual experience.”

Nevertheless, Del Rizzo emphasized gamers will still be sitting in front of their computers five years from now.

“There is no doubt in my mind games will still be played on a PC in 2016,” he said.

“Of course, how a PC is defined is likely to be dramatically different than it is today.”