Five Ways to Make Money From Minecraft

Gaming culture is at its peak and Minecraft is the Super Mario of this generation. It has become an international phenomenon. You would rarely find someone who doesn’t know about this excessively popular game.

It is on phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, in fact it is everywhere. With endless building possibilities, it has turned into a huge success globally. It has sold over 54 million copies as of 2014. The reason why game is still popular is the ability to give gamers new feel each and every time. The best Minecraft mods can be utilized to get a different experience every time.

Furthermore, you can even earn money from Minecraft. You can use this game to make real cash. Here are 5 easy ways to do so:

Make illustrations for Minecraft users

If you are good at illustrations, i.e. vector graphics then you are lucky enough to make money out of Minecraft. Make a scene of the game and sell it to users who may be interested in it. Make illustrations for the interested buyers out there. In fact, there are many people who are making a great deal of money through this idea.

Recreate images in Minecraft

If you are not good at illustrations, then recreating the real world scene and converting them into Minecraft monuments can help you to earn good money. Just open the creative mode and start making building for prospective buyers. You can even receive pictures from the buyer and get the task completed on the decided time. This method of earning is highly innovative and enjoyable as well.

Image banners for Minecraft videos

You can even earn money by making video banners for Minecraft videos. If you have every come across Minecraft videos on the Internet, you must have noticed the banners on top of the video. You can be the one offering the banner to owner of the video and make them pay for the services provided. You can look for image editing software on the Internet and provide banner service for a specific price.

Minecraft servers

You could be earning a good deal of money through Minecraft servers. You could provide this service right away at a good cost and start earning. You can easily make a Minecraft server and get paid. If you are an expert at it, then don’t do it for free. You can easily get a good amount for the server created.

Minecraft skins

Every Minecraft player loves the skin that are offered in the game. If you are an avid gamer, then you must be knowing there are hundreds of user-made skins. If you want to make money, then create skins and sell it for a certain fee. One can incorporate their creativity in making the skins.


Minecraft is a complete world in itself. It is not just a game, but this article shows how it can be used to earn money with minimal investment of effort.