Final Fantasy XIII fastest-selling in series history

The first new installment of Final Fantasy on the Playstation 3 has sold one million copies in the US in just a week, becoming the quickest in series history to reach that mark.

The game, which launched on March 9, had a lot of factors in its favor. For one, it was the first full-fledged RPG in the numbered Final Fantasy series to be in high definition.

In addition, it was released on two platforms: the Xbox 360 and PS3. That’s a first in the history of the series, which to date tallies up nearly 100 million sold games.

However, even in Japan where the game is exclusive to PS3, the game sold over a million copies in its first day. It is certainly an impressive milestone for a game that is the thirteenth in a 23-year-old franchise.

Square Enix would never talk about development costs for Final Fantasy XIII, but it has mentioned that development on the game started in 2003, 3 years before the PS3 was even released, and that at its peak over 300 people were working on the game. Those measurements alone make it easily considered the most ambitious Final Fantasy game ever.

Reception has been mixed about the game’s departure from typical Final Fantasy heritage. Instead of large, free-roaming cities and villages where players could literally spend hours just wandering around and completing side quests, the game instead has a largely linear progression. However, the stunning HD visuals and brand new battle system are drawing positive reviews.

This may be the last “typical” RPG in the series. Final Fantasy XIV will be an online multiplayer game, and in brief mentions of Final Fantasy XV, Square has said it’s still unsure in which direction to take the series.