Final Fantasy V to be re-released on PS3

After bringing Final Fantasy VII, VII, and IX to the PS3 through the console’s “PS One Classics” library, Square Enix will be recreating Final Fantasy V.

Even though it was not originally a PlayStation game, Square Enix has decided to release the title as a PS One classic, promising “all-new CG cinematic sequences exclusive to the PSN edition.”

The Final Fantasy series has a storied history with PlayStation, but in the current console generation it has gone cross-platform with the Xbox 360.

Many regard Final Fantasy VII as the ultimate entry in the franchise and have been waiting desperately for an HD remake of the classic RPG. Instead, it looks like FFV will be the one getting a remake, although not a sweeping, from-the-ground-up recreation.

Square Enix describes the story as such: “One day, the Tycoon King, upon feeling an irregularity in the air currents, rushed to the Wind Shrine, only to find the Wind Crystal shattering to pieces right before his eyes. In addition to this catastrophe, an enormous meteor had fallen to the ground, causing earthquakes in the surrounding land near Tycoon Castle. Unbeknownst to them, this event is about to bring four people from different walks of life together on a common journey filled with new encounters and many mysteries.”

This is the latest in Square’s push to bring classic Final Fantasy titles back to life, having released back titles on the PSP and Wii in addition to the PS3.

There’s no word yet on when Final Fantasy V will be available.