Facebook reverses ban on Nirvana album cover

Facebook has decided that perhaps a naked baby isn’t actually on par with pornography.

But that’s only after it first said the two things were equal. Facebook had pulled a picture of the iconic Nirvana album because the social networking site said it violated the terms of use that prohibit posting images that contain nudity.

The cover, which can easily be found unedited in video games, online retail websites, music stores, and pretty much anywhere that doesn’t consider a one-year-old baby an offensive, sexual object.

“Facebook took down the product shots, they sent us a form message. I’m guessing it’s probably due to the baby penis … still making waves 20 years later,” said a source reportedly close to Nirvana in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

The generic message told the band, “Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group, or that contain nudity, drug use, violence or other violations of the terms of use.”

There must have been some kind of backlash, though, because Facebook quickly reversed the decision and allowed the image to be re-posted. In addition to fitting the thought that “if you find that image sexual, then there’s something wrong with you, not the picture,” the album cover is itself an artistic icon.