Facebook reportedly hires PS3 hacker George Hotz

George Hotz, the man who gained international fame after being sued by Sony, may have a new gig.

According to iphonedownloadblog.com, Hotz is now working for Facebook on the site’s development team. More specific details of his employment were not revealed, though.

The blog’s reports have not been substantiated, but they’re also not too crazy to believe.

After all, even though he has been on the questionable side of the law, Hotz is obviously one smart guy. If he could channel those brains for something legal and productive, it would no doubt be an asset for any company.

Hotz shot to online stardom earlier this year as the cener of attention in a highly publicized lawsuit from Sony. Hotz had been publishing information on how to hack the PS3, which Sony said was a violation of the console’s terms of use.

Supporters of Hotz said Sony was going too far and had no reason to sue him. Recently, attackers took down various Sony websites and servers in protest to the Hotz case.

Not everyone agreed with Hotz, though. Some said he knowingly broke the rules, facilitated illegal software piracy, and should be tried to the full extent of the law.

In the end, the case was settled for less than a slap on the wrist. Hotz merely had to agree to end his hacking exploits.

Before this episode, though, Hotz also gained a modicum of notoriety for finding ways to hack the iPhone. Apple never threatened him with legal action.