Facebook may sign with Spotify for music streaming feature

European online music streaming service Spotify may be coming to US shores, through a deal with Facebook.

According to Forbes, users will be able to install the service through a Spotify icon on the left-hand side of their news feed. It will allow them to pick and choose from Spotify’s library of millions of songs, listening simultaneously with their friends.

While there’s no information on pricing, the service would presumably follow Spotify’s European model, which allows ten hours’ listening free per month, with an unlimited service costing 10 euros. The service has around a million paying users, with ten million more using the free version.

The service would initially be available only in those countries where Spotify already has a presence, and could appear in as little as two weeks’ time.

However, the companies hope eventually to launch it in the US too. Spotify is already in discussion with music labels in the US over licensing, in the hope of launching this fall. It’s believed to have struck a deal with Sony already, and be closwe to agreement with Universal.

The advantages for Facebook are obvious – you only have to look at how well it’s done out of social gaming to see the potential. And unlocking the massive market of Facebook users could be a big boost for Spotify, allowing it to sell many more premium packages – and thus pay the royalties being demanded by the big music labels.