Fable III goes mobile with geo-location makeover

Microsoft has announced a mobile version of Fable III that is expected to offer (European) players a unique geo-location gaming experience as they hunt for gold and claim land across a virtual Continent.

So, whether you’re a Rebel looking to fight for the people of Albion against the tyranny of your wayward King, or a loyal Royal follower – sign up to take part on www.Fable3Kingmaker.com and get started (October 4).

Remember, claiming land is easy in Kingmaker. Simply tag locations and plant virtual flags using your smartphone’s GPS feature.

The faction with the greatest number of flags in a territory at any given time will “conquer” that land – changing color and as it is “owned” by either the Rebels or the Royals. 

Players will be rewarded for their allegiance and efforts in capturing territory with in-game gold, which may be transferred into the full Fable III title on Xbox 360 when it launches across Europe on October 29th.

The gold can then be spent on player customization and in-game products, from crystal swords to manor houses, giving fans of Fable III the chance to bolster their bank accounts and get a head start before the game even hits the shelves later this month.

Fable III: Kingmaker is slated to run on multiple smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.