Epic Mickey rumored to lose Wii exclusivity

One of the biggest trends in this generation of gaming consoles is that the idea of third-party games being exclusive to one console is becoming a thing of the past. Case in point – Epic Mickey.

Epic Mickey was one of the big holiday titles this year, and at the time everyone looked at it as a Wii exclusive. But the people behind the game never said it was tied exclusively to the Nintendo console. In fact, they even went on record saying they would want to bring it to other platforms if they were asked.

Well, it looks like Sony asked. At least, the latest rumor would suggest so. There’s some scuttlebutt that Sony is planning a “surprise” announcement on January 3, from Orlando, Florida, about the launch of Epic Mickey on PS3.

Orlando, as you may know, is where Disneyworld is.

Coming over to the PS3 would give the already “epic” game a lot more features to play with – like a huge capacity on Blu-ray, downloadable content, and high definition graphics.

It’s been speculated that Nintendo did manage to nab some sort of exclusivity contract for a period of six months, so Epic Mickey on PS3 wouldn’t be available until the spring if those rumors are true.

But there’s another rumor that the PS3 version was being worked on at the same time as the Wii one. So something somewhere is amiss. Nevertheless, Epic Mickey in HD (or even 3D?) would be – pardon the unbelievably inevitable choice of words – epic. [[Wii]]