The Amazing World of CS:GO Much More than a Video Game

Counter Strike Global Offensive, released in 2012, is a competitive sport which has gained enough popularity in recent past. This is available in the majority of eSports platforms. Counter Strike gives you a thrilling experience in comparison to the other shooting games like Call of Duty. This video game is all about the skills of the characters it doesn’t involve dashing, no flying, and fast-paced firing machine.

Hitting your opponent might seem easy, particularly for players who have the skill to hit. However, in order to learn the accuracy of spray patterns, weapons, acquaintance with changing weapons will require mastery and a significant level of devotion. There are many great reasons to play CS:GO.

Fair Game against Professionals

A majority of the first person shooter games have separate settings for professionals and amateurs. However, with this game, the same setting applies to all. If you have to understand how to play, get to know about the details from the betting site of CS:GO. Same rules are applicable to everybody. Thus, there is a fair ground for each and every player, irrespective of their gaming level.

Playing with professionals is competitive, as well as interesting. This is because you will be able to learn a lot from your purchases in order to set your primary target. If you have to throw grenades, there are new mechanisms in the game which gives more to the character about the target location. Each grenade has different pop flashes and specialized smoke.

Loads of Excitement

Each and everything about Counter Strike Global Offensive is exciting. You will find new characters along with an excellent selection of ammunition and weaponry. As you bet on the whole team or an individual, seeing the gameplay can be quite thrilling. In fact, you can decide to meet some of your friends and then enjoy for some time with pizza and drinks. The sphere is getting updated with greater budgets so that players have a better experience.

Easy to Learn

Irrespective of whether you are new to this or have played games based on the military. It is easy to learn the game as long as you take an interest in it and invest some time in it. Unlike the other games that you come across which have confusing maps along with big teams might confuse someone who is new to this, Counter Strike Global Offense is quite straightforward. With this game, you just have to work on your shooting skills that you will develop as you practice.

Good Opportunity to Make Money

Just like any other game, you can bet to make some money. Betting on Counter Strike Global Offensive isn’t confusing or even complicated. Experienced players of the games will be able to give you a hint regarding what a mess the process was previously. However, due to the large online community, the great tipsters, and innumerable resources, you can easily make money out of the game. Search the internet for the team, as well as individual ranking prior to making the bet. If you want to know how to make money by playing the game, you can check out

An Active Community

CS:GO is known to have one of the best communities. As a matter of fact, it just keeps growing with time. You can enjoy individual, as well as team performance. Here, you will also be able to discuss upcoming events and the game. The success history of the game in the eSports market, the conversations are informative and engaging with several people using Twitch for tuning into the tournament.

Tips for Beginners

If you are new to this game, there are a few tips that you can try out. These are simple ways to learn the game.

Learn about Your Weapon

It is necessary to know about the strengths, as well as your weakness of weapons that you will use for the game. This way you will be able to adjust your gameplay. There are an extensive number of rifles which makes it inappropriate for shooting when you are on the move. Hence, it is necessary to find out about the weapons.

Know to Shoot

In this game, there are different ways of shooting. You can either send a whole lot of bullet towards your enemy or just take a single shot when you aim for the head of your enemy. Each and every gun will have a spray pattern. Nevertheless, they are going to begin by firing straight up and later on the pattern will stray towards the side. It is easy to learn spraying bullets.

Know When to Shoot

When you play Counter Strike Global Offensive, you need to know when it is the right time for shooting. There is a technique which is known as pre-fire. It is actually the technique to shoot prior to knowing that the enemy is present there. This is used by several Counter Strike players. You also have to learn about the maps. There are several places in the maps where the prospective enemies might be. The benefit of pre-fire is that you can shoot to find out if the enemy is present there or not.

Crosshair Placement is Important

In this game, crosshair placement is important in order to be a competitive player. When you spectate gamers from low ranks, you will find them aim the crosshair at the ground. It is necessary to keep the crosshair towards the head all the time. This way when the enemy appears, you will not have to move the mouse up and down. All you have to do is right click for getting a headshot.

While playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, you need to take care of everything which is going around you. Better have an idea about your teammate’s location, the direction that they are covering, and where they have spotted the enemy. In the beginning, it might appear like an impossible task. However, it will get easy with time. You need to keep in mind that many times you will have to deal with unknown factors.