EMI sues Beatles 25 cent download site

Record company dinosaur EMI has woken from its slumbers and set its lawyers on a US website offering 25 cent downloads of Beatles tracks.

EMI says Bluebeat.com is not authorised to sell Beatles content including the entire remastered content released in September. Bluebeat also offers streaming content enabling fans to listen to tracks for free.

Sir Paul McCartney was quoted 12 months ago as saying he wanted the Beatles’ material to be available online, but that “EMI want something we’re not prepared to give ’em. It’s between EMI and The Beatles I think – what else is new? “

EMI said it had been ‘working hard to secure agreement with Apple Corps to make the Beatles’ legendary recording catalog available to fans in digital form, but unfortunately, the various parties involved have been unable to reach agreement but we really hope everyone can make progress soon.’ 

Sadly, the record company’s tenuous grip on reality resulted in absolutely nothing happening. Now it is resorting to lawyers to claw back money it has lost due to its own ineffectual efforts. Our advice is to browse on over to Bluebeat and grab the songs while you still can.

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