EA gushes over Nintendo’s "magical" 3DS

Electronic Arts – which once designed really, really cool hardcore games – is now gushing embarrassingly over Nintendo’s “magical” 3DS handheld console.

“The 3DS is just incredibly cool. The 3DS is magical. You put that in your hand, you look down, and all of a sudden it’s in 3D without glasses. That’s an amazing experience. I’m [obviously] a huge fan,” EA COO John Schappert told Industry Gamers.

According to the gushing Schappert, Nintendo’s 3DS will undoubtedly sell out like “hot cakes” during a prolonged famine.

 “I think it’s going to do incredibly well and in typical Nintendo fashion they have re-energized the industry, yet again. I give them nothing but credit and we are excited to be supporting that platform with Madden, FIFA and The Sims.”

However, Daniel Simmons, a senior analyst at Screen Digest, cautioned that the “core issue” for 3D entertainment’s general success was “purely content.”

“This is where it will be won or lost. And games [definitely] have a part to play. Video games were very important in driving HD take-up and will be a significant driver for 3D, as well,” Simmons said during a recent interview with MCV.

“[Yes], people have tried 3D before and it failed. The reason it looks like it will succeed this time is because all the elements are ready. You can make 3D content, you can display 3D content and you have the technology to distribute 3D content. It’s all in place.”