Duke Nukem series will continue

Even though Duke Nukem Forever is getting slammed with terrible reviews, the game’s publisher says the series will continue.

But it most likely won’t take a decade and a half for the next title to come out like the gap between the last Duke Nukem title and ‘Forever.’

Take Two, which acquired the rights to the Duke Nukem franchise somewhere in the middle of the storied and hilariously delayed history of the series, said that even though the new game has been mired with criticism, “the economic opportunities … are so huge.”

The publisher’s CEO Strauss Zelnick said told Forbes, “We don’t really talk about it in detail but you will see future Duke IP coming from this company.”

With so much riding on the release of Duke Nukem Forever, it almost would have taken a miracle for Take Two to have released a title that lived up to the hype and anticipation. But some of the reviews have been horrific, vilifying the game and calling it an offensive piece of garbage that does not pay respect to its historic roots.

But then again, the original Duke Nukem titles weren’t exactly artistic masterpieces to begin with. And like they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

So even though there are scant few headlines from Duke Nukem Forever that shed positive light on the game, there are apparently enough people who bought it to make the idea of continuing the franchise worthwhile.

However, “We don’t want to ever be in the position of dumping something down just to make another buck,” said Zelnick. “If we can take some of our intellectual property and bring it to another medium in an extraordinary high quality way, that delights consumers and represents an interesting commercial opportunity for us, we will.”