Duke Nukem Forever footage hits the ‘Net

OMG, yes! Real, live *updated* (NSFW) footage of Duke Nukem 4Ever is on the ‘Net after being recorded at the FirstLook game conference in good ol’ Amsterdam. 

The long-awaited title – which was in production since friggin’ 1997 (yes, we are that old) –  has suffered numerous delays, including constantly changing game engines and graphics.

But now, Triptych and Gearbox seem to have cleaned up the rather gory mess left by 3D Realms, with the game expected to launch in early 2011.

My advice: Ignore the overly annoying, rambling introduction by Randy Pitchford and jump to 2:34 when the infamous Nukem fun and humor really begins.

But remember, in true Nukem style, this clip ain’t safe for work, baby.

So put on a pair of headphones and cover your screen, ’cause the Duke is back and he’s mad pissed!