Dreamworks CEO says most 3D movies "suck"

Jeffrey Katzenberg isn’t excited about the state of 3D movies today.

In a perfect example of commercialism over art, he says movie studios tend to focus on making a quick buck instead of actually mastering the fine art of 3D cinema.

We’ll take just a moment to contemplate such a radical idea – that companies as huge as the big studios are only focused on greed. Actually, yeah, that sounds about right.

In comments at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference in Colorado, Katzenberg said, “With time we’ll get back to success here, but it’ll only come by embracing [3D] as a storytelling tool and using it to enhance the film experience.”

Generally, most movies are only out to make a quick buck and are not focused on really trying to make any sort of artistic statement for the sake of art. But with 3D, consumers are asked to pay a premium, and if the filmmakers skimp out on the process, that premium sort of gets called into question.

Katzenberg, which of course thinks Dreamworks’s 3D movies are the exception to the rule, has been a vocal force in the 3D market, and has let it be known when he wasn’t satisfied.

For example, when Clash of the Titans was converted into 3D at the last minute just to make more money – for no other purpose, he blasted it saying of all the 3D experiences, with Clash of the Titans, we “have now witnessed the lowest end of [3D].”

His argument, though valid, will likely fall on deaf ears. The 3D market is too huge now and people are clamoring over it like never before. That means everyone will try to cash in on it, and the cheaper the better. Plus, with cable and satellite providers poised to offer their own 24-7 3D channels, the need for more content is growing and that will equate to a lack in quality.