Dreamworks CEO calls Clash of the Titans the "lowest end" of 3D

Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg had some harsh words about the 3D release of Clash of the Titans, saying it is the “lowest end” of the technology and movies like that could ruin the 3D movie market.

Katzenberg is one of the most outspoken voices of 3D movie technology. Dreamworks movies that are presented in 3D, like Shrek 3D and How To Train Your Dragon, almost always hit the top spot at the box office.

For his studio, 3D is a concept that is thought through from the drawing board to post-production. He says that any movie where a movie that’s already been shot and then “converted” into 3D can never be a successful 3D presentation. He pointed specifically to Clash of the Titans, which many critics are slamming for its lackluster 3D effects and criticizing Warner Bros for bilking extra money out of movie-goers.

Speaking to Variety, Katzenberg said of 3D movies, “We’ve seen the highest end of it in Avatar and you have now witnessed the lowest end of it” with Clash of the Titans. “We are asking the moviegoers to pay a 50 percent premium to come see these films” and if they are not impressed, “They will walk away from this so fast.”

His argument, though valid, will likely fall on deaf ears. The 3D market is too huge now and people are clamoring over it like never before. That means everyone will try to cash in on it, and the cheaper the better. Plus, with cable and satellite providers poised to offer their own 24-7 3D channels, the need for more content is growing and that will equate to a lack in quality.

Avatar may have been the movie that re-captivated the country’s interest in 3D, but it is unlikely we’ll see anything like that again any time soon.