Dominion invades EVE Online

CCP has successfully deployed EVE Online: Dominion. The latest expansion of the popular MMO offers players several new features, including Doomsday devices, a fleet finder utility and a re-designed browser.

“Our goal for EVE is to maximize human interaction and then leverage it to make a more meaningful, interesting game,” explained CCP spokesperson Noah Ward.

“Dominion was designed to give players more tools to mold their experience with better means of communication and extra rounds of ammunition. Undoubtedly, the compelling intrigue we’ve seen in EVE will never end as pilots fight to bend the universe to their will.”

According to Ward, sovereignty changes required “fresh” strategies for players intent on controlling space. As such, CCP did away with the entrenched siege battles of the past in favor of more active conflict.

“Alliances will now have unprecedented control over their territory, the power to change them to suit their own goals and playstyles.

??”Their actions in controlled space will affect the valuable resources which become available to them through system upgrades, allowing [players] to increase the number of wormholes, valuable asteroid belts and even pirate forces within their borders.”

Ward added that Dominion offers participants a number of critical weapons and gameplay updates, such as:

  • Doomsday devices – The ultimate weapons of the Titan class ships have been re-engineered to deliver a massive, decisive blow against a single target.
  • Factions – Two of New Eden’s most infamous pirate factions (the Guristas and the Angel Cartel) have opened up their coffers to those willing to dip into the underworld through two new Epic Mission Arcs.
  • Fleet finder utility – Allows pilots to quickly mobilize.
  • New in-game browser – Based on modern, secure and robust technology.
  • Revamped mail system – Includes standard tagging tools to help keep messages organized.
  • Graphic redesign – CCP continues its planned graphic upgrades to EVE. Varied planets, from desert to ice, glow with unique beauty, orbited by harsh moons that show the scars and craters of their ancient formation.

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