Dolby adds 3D voice to online games

San Francisco (CA) – Two upcoming online games, Jumpgate Evolution and Mission Against Terror, will integrate Dolby’s Axon 3D voice platform, the company announced today.

Axon promises a realistic voice experience that matches the online game environment as well as a clear signal that is free of unwanted noise, echo, and clipping. The first games to adopt the technology is the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Jumpgate Evolution as well as the first person shooter Mission Against Terror.

Jumpgate Evolution is an MMO set in a persistent science fiction world, which uses a “twitch-based” system that allows the player to engage in combat in a ship-to-ship action-oriented style. Mission Against Terror (MAT) was originally developed in China and pitches an online tournament FPS experience. By integrating aspects of traditional Chinese culture, the game will try to appeal to global players and deliver the usual set of features, including unique weapons, specially designed maps, different gaming modes, and customizable equipment.

Axon is available in an 8 kbps low-bit-rate version as well as a high quality version (16 kbps). Dolby Surround is provided via 7.1, 5.1 channels, two channels via virtual speakers as well as a headset and headphones. Dolby said that Axon’s client bandwidth allows an average of 10 people to be within the hearing range of a user. The server-side integration supports up to 7000 simultaneous users per server (Dual 3 GHz Xeon-based).