Does Microsoft’s Xbox 360 lack "diversity?"

A DFC Intelligence video game analyst recently claimed that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 “lacks diversity,” as games for the popular console tend to skew towards first-person shooters. 

“I think the big issue is that the 360 has been primarily the platform for FPS games and has lacked the diversity to appeal to a broader international market,” David Cole told Industry Gamers.

“Going forward I don’t know if there is much they can do. [Yes], Microsoft will try with the Kinect but I [really] don’t see that working. [So], I think the PS3 will soon pass the 360 for good.”

However, EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich disagreed with Cole’s rather pessimistic assessment.

“Nothing went wrong. The achievements of the Xbox 360 are incredible. [Remember], it went from fighting for a distant second place last generation to now being considered one of the healthiest platforms to develop for,” Divnich explained.

“[So], for a company that entered the video game space late, going up against two competitors with decades of loyal gamers, Microsoft should be proud of their accomplishments. [Really], any faults to point out would simply be nitpicking.”