Do women prefer gaming to sex?

A recent survey commissioned by Doritos claims women who play online games prefer their electronic liaisons to taking a bath, shopping, working out and yes, having sex.

Skeptical? Well, yeah, I can see that. I mean, this is what happens when a junk (snack) food company attempts to participate in a “serious” study.

Then again, who knows? 

Maybe there really are some women out there who prefer gaming to sex and shopping  – but you probably won’t find many of them outside of an uber-geek mecca like Comic-Con or PAX.

Other interesting factoids from the above-mentioned survey include: 49% of women play online games, while 84% said they enjoy their gaming sessions – compared to just 70% who enjoy sex. Another 62% enjoy working out, 71% for shopping and 75% for taking a bath. 

Interestingly enough, women spend even more time (23.1%) playing online games than men (22.3%), clocking in at an average of 3.5 hours per week.

“This [survey] really just proves women are as capable of being slovenly nerds as men,” exclaimed Destructoid’s outspoken Jim Sterling.

“Equality truly has taken a step forward this day, thanks to Doritos!”

Hell, I suppose the results of the survey could be a lot worse (for both men and women), because it often seems like some gamers spend almost every waking moment playing their favorite titles.

But not to worry, as yet another survey claims the average gamer will spend just under two years of his or her life (in combined time) playing video games.

And that really doesn’t sound too bad, does it?