District 9 director inks Elysium movie deal with Sony

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has signed a lucrative deal with Sony Pictures for the filming of a new sci-fi movie dubbed “Elysium.”

Elysium – which originates from Greek mythology – was a section of the ancient Underworld.

The Elysian Fields, or Plains, were considered the final resting place for heroic, virtuous and deserving souls.

The movie, written by Blomkamp, will be produced by Media Rights Capital and is expected to star Sharlto Copley of D9 fame, Jodie Foster and Matt Damon.

And as an added bonus, talented set designer Syd Mead (Blade Runner!) has been brought on set to design the future world and tech of Elysium.

Although plot details are scarce, ReelzChannel reports that the title will be set 100 years in the future and “contain a social allegory in much the same way that District 9 used alien refugees to comment on apartheid in South Africa – possibly involving a geneticist named Joseph Kulper who creates a virus that kills anyone without an IQ of at least 70.”

Elysium should be in theaters by late 2012.