Director of Clash of the Titans was disappointed in 3D

Did you think Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans was lackluster in 3D? Well, so did Louis Leterrier.

In a press conference with reporters, director Louis Leterrier said he said he was quite underwhelmed by the 3D effects that were slapped on after the movie was finished being filmed. “Listen, it was not my intention to do it in 3D; it was not my decision to convert it in 3D,” commented Leterrier. He said he thought the effects were like looking through a ViewMaster.

Clash of the Titans, a remake of the 1981 film, has been getting mediocre reviews. But it’s getting absolutely slammed when it comes to the 3D effects. The movie was not filmed in 3D, but producers decided to add the effects due to a raging spike in consumer demand for three-dimensional content. The result looks like something that was slapped together at the last minute for a cheap shot at some extra box office revenue. Leterrier was quite bold in his response to the 3D question, saying, “If you don’t like 3D, don’t go see it in 3D.” He also took a subtle slam at Disney’s recent remake of Alice in Wonderland, which also added 3D effects after-the-fact. “Conversions, they all look like this. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ looks like this,” he noted. Lackluster 3D effects or not, though, Titans soared in the box office. During its opening weekend it took in $61.2 million, surpassing the competing new release “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too,” and the second weekend of “How to Train Your Dragon,” combined. With Alice in Wonderland taking the fifth spot, this is the first time that 3 concurrent 3D movies have been in the top 5 box office slots at the same time.