Developer creates ‘kill bin Laden’ video game

There’s already a video game version of the take-down of the world’s most wanted terrorist.

We can expect to see a whole slew of media, from books to movies, documenting the historic events that wrapped up over the weekend. But leave it to a creative game developer to turn the whole ordeal into a game just 24 hours after it happened.

It comes from Kuma Games, an independent studio that gained notoriety for creating a Saddam Hussein-capturing game after he was taken into US custody.

Kuma CEO Keith Halper explained to Kotaku, “I looked back at 106 episodes of [Kuma Games’s] Kuma War and understood it was a story without an end and so it was a matter of personal decision between myself and the development and writing staff to say we can’t close the door on Kuma War 2 until we’ve told this absolutely critical last story.”

So the ‘kill bin Laden’ game is really little more than a picture of Osama slapped onto an existing game engine and infrastructure, but nevertheless, you gotta admit it’s pretty clever.

The entire country is filled with people who can only dream what it would have been like to be that Navy SEAL who pulled the trigger just a matter of feet away from bin Laden’s face. Now it’s possible to at least get a sense of what that must have been like.