Descendents Reunite to Headline Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and more [Unplugging]

Welcome to this week’s edition of Unplugging! It’s been a positively huge week for news and we have all the biggest headlines for you happening all over the world of music.

Our top story this week, Southern California’s own punk legends the Descendents have reunited and will headline next weekend’s Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. This is a huge last-minute coup for the organizers of Fun Fun Fun Fest, as this week they were greeted with the unfortunate news that previously scheduled headliners DEVO had to cancel their planned performance. DEVO was forced to cancel after a serious injury to guitarist Bob Mothersbaugh. Get your tickets soon! This show might be the one and only chance to catch the legendary band and it’s been almost a decade since their last show in the U.S.

Other news making the rounds this week includes Kanye West’s epic 35-minute video for “Runaway” and the first full song from Daft Punk from their score to the upcoming Disney movie Tron. Late night television boasted two stunning performances this week as well. First off, the recently reformed A Perfect Circle performed to a monstrous crowd on Jimmy Kimmel, and secondly the one-and-only GWAR made their late-night debut on Jimmy Fallon. Lastly, the Beastie Boys continued to confuse fans as they announced their inverted details for their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2.

Descendents, Reunite to Headline Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin: The long-revered Descendents are reuniting for this show in nearly a decade at next weekend’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. They join previously confirmed performers MGMT, Slick Rick, Suicidal Tendencies and The Dirty Projectors.

Kanye West Releases 35-Minute Music Video/Short Film for “Runaway”: Kanye West has released an epic half-hour long video for his new song “Runaway.” The video is the longest ever in history, surpassing even Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Daft Punk Releases Video for Disney’s Tron: Electronica fans rejoice! The first full song for Daft Punk’s score to the upcoming Tron movie “Derezzed” in this official video. Check out the video at the link!

Live On Jimmy Kimmel: A Perfect Circle: Recently reformed art rockers A Perfect Circle played to a massive crowd on Jimmy Kimmel this week. The band performed “Weak and Powerless” and their cover of “Imagine.”

GWAR Perform “Zombies, March!” Live on Jimmy Fallon: The “Scumdogs of the Universe” GWAR took to the stage on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform their latest single “Zombies, March!”

Beastie Boys Announce Details on “Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2”: And lastly, The Beastie Boys confusingly announced that their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 now no longer contains Pt. 2’s songs. Instead, it will include the previously delayed Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1’s songs. Confused? Yeah, so are we.