DECE announces digital locker for universal movie access

A digital locker system for movies is soon to be launched by a consortium of content providers and technology companies.

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) has been talking about the system for years, and has finally unveiled it as the UltraViolet brand.

It allows consumers to buy a movie and then watch it on any platform, such as connected TVs, PCs, game consoles, smartphones and tablet PCs.

It’s handled through a cloud-based UltraViolet Account, which will include a Digital Rights Locker and account management features allowing consumers to access and manage their content, regardless of where it was purchased.

Consumers will be able to create a free UltraViolet Account through  participating service providers or through the UltraViolet website.

“The introduction of the UltraViolet brand is another important step towards the consumer launch of UltraViolet products and services,” said Mitch Singer, DECE president and CTO of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“Our goal is to firmly establish UltraViolet as the symbol for digital entertainment – one that gives consumers the freedom of access wherever they are, the confidence of knowing how it will work and the broadest choice of content, stores and devices.”

DECE includes Warner Brothers, Paramount, NBC Universal, and Lionsgate, along with Microsoft, Intel, HP, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Netflix and Comcast.

What it hasn’t, of course, got is Apple – or Disney, which is working on its own KeyChest alternative.