Craigslist strippers in exotic heist

Two Minneapolis men who hired a pair of exotic dancers (read strippers) on Craigslist were robbed at gunpoint just minutes after the women arrived at their Uptown condo.

The clueless victims told police two armed men had burst into the unit and locked them in a bathroom while they shook the unit down.

The thieves reportedly made off with cell phones, wallets, bags and a watch.

“It is a terrible idea [no, really!?!?] to invite total strangers into your house, especially after you have been drinking,” Minneapolis Lt. Mike Fossum told CBS Minnesota.

“You are going to be set up for a future burglary or you are going to get a home-invasion that night.”

According to Fossum, the above-mentioned incident is hardly the first time the stripper tag team managed to execute a successful home invasion.

“It definitely won’t be their last. So, we want to catch them before they can rob someone else.

“If you want to go and see some strippers, go to the legitimate clubs that we have all over the metro area. At least it is safe, somewhat safe, in there, opposed to having somebody come to your home.”