Crackdown 2 for Xbox 360 gets firm release date

The anticipated sequel to one of the Xbox 360’s early major successes has been given a firm US release date of July 6, edging right around the previous “first half of 2010” announcement.

The game will launch in other regions in the days following: Asia and Australia on July 8 and Europe on July 9.

The open-world third-person shooter will have online cooperative multiplayer for up to four players and online death matches with up to 16 competitors. The story will pick up where its predecessor, Crackdown, left off.

Crackdown, which was the top selling game of the month in the US when it launched in February 2007, received an average review score of 83% on Metacritic. It also gained notoriety for the Halo 3 beta codes that were included in first-run prints of the game.