Computer games ‘as addictive as drugs’

Mainz, Germany – German psychologists claim that playing computer games is as physically addictive and anything you might inject.

Klaus Woelfling, a psychologist and director of the Clinic for Gaming Addiction at the University of Mainz said that if people pull the plugs on their computers they go through all the classic symptoms of withdrawal.

According to Top IN News, Woelfling warned that addicts denied access to their games can display symptoms such as a racing heart or excessive sweating.

These are similar to people who give up hard drugs, although he didn’t say that game addicts had hallucinations when they went cold turkey. Although some players do dream about the games they are playing.

Generally a problem only exists when the player can no longer make rational decisions about the start, end or duration of games and feels an irresistible urge to play. He said such people are addicts and need to be treated as such. If friends or family see danger signs, they should broach the topic without making accusations.

Many addicts don’t feel comfortable discussing their problem, Woelfling added.