Comcast to launch own 3D channel

Anyone who uses Comcast as their cable TV provider will find a new channel added to their lineup in two days, as the carrier will launch its own, 24/7 3D TV station called Xfinity 3D.

The network will air original programming as well as 3D movies and sports, and music concerts too.

Among the original content will be documentary-type features where 3D cameras are taken to African safaris, haunted castles, and Chinese dragon dancing celebrations.

The first thing that will air is an NHL match between the Montreal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames, on February 20. That will be followed by a concert from Kings of Leon shot in 3D.

“Whether it is a concert, sporting event or movie, Xfinity 3D brings the best seats in the house right to customers’ living rooms,” said Comcast senior VP Marcien Jenckes in a statement.

Having cable or satellite providers fund and manage their own channels isn’t an extremely common practice, but they do exist. DirecTV is most famous for this, and it launched multiple 3D channels for its subscribers last year.

The only multi-carrier 24/7 3D network available right now is ESPN 3D, but others are in the works. The majority of cable and satellite providers only have that one 3D channel in their lineup.