Claws out as Skanks of New York blogger named

New York (NY) – The woman behind the ‘Skanks of New York’ catfight has been outed as Rosemary Port, an unemployed 29 year old night club hostess.

But far from being apologetic for describing Canadian model Liskula Cohen as a ho, hag and skank, Port said she didn’t regret penning the blog, but she did regret the court’s decision to name her.

“I’m shocked that my right to privacy has been tampered with,” Port said in a statement through her lawyer.

Yesterday, Cohen filed a $3 million lawsuit against Port for defamation and emotional distress, but later dropped the claim, saying: “This is about forgiveness. It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers. I wish her happiness.”

It is believed that Port took a dislike to her former friend when Cohen told her boyfriend she was hanging out with an unsavoury crowd last summer. 

Port started her now infamous ‘Skanks in NYC’ blog describing Cohen as ‘a psychotic, lying, whoring skank.’ The blog was pulled by Google following a lawsuit filed by Cohen demanding that the blogger’s name should be revealed.

Another of Port’s friends told the New York Post: “Maybe something did happen between her and Liskula, but I don’t think so. Rosemary is just this way. She does this to a lot of people in her life. She has spread rumors about me.”

According to The Post, Port refused to comment as she left her apartment yesterday morning. Her boyfriend was more forthcoming, calling a Post photographer a ‘scumbag’ and telling a reporter, ‘You wish you had my life.’

Port’s lawyer says she plans to pursue all legal options against Google for revealing her identity, even if it means taking the case all the way to the US Supreme Court.

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