Clara County: x86 cross-license dispute

Clara County (USA) – Welcome to Clara County, a comic strip portraying a fictional representation of real-world companies. It’s a hub of activity and you never know who’s going to pop up. In this installment, we meet Inteligencia and Amdrose, two rival semiconductor manufacturers that may bear some resemblance to real-world companies. Prepare yourself to enter the world of Clara County.


Clara County – x86 Cross-License Dispute

(9 frames)

Inteligencia is a multi-billionaire semiconductor manufacturer, and very high class. Amdrose is a bankrupt semiconductor manufacturer with an extremely high IQ.
In this inaugural edition, events relate to the real-world x86 cross-license struggles of AMD and Intel. See these TG Daily articles for background:

March 16 – Intel to pull x86 cross-licensing agreement with AMD in 60 days

March 17 – AMD to make x86 cross-license public, if Intel drops secrecy hold on anti-trust evidence

March 18 – AMD’s lawyer claims Intel wants them dead

March 19 – AMD: Intel is attempting to distract from anti-trust case

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