Clara County: Microsoft buys Yahoo!

Clara County (USA) – Welcome to the second edition of Clara County, a comic strip portraying a fictional representation of real-world companies. It’s a hub of activity and you never know who’s going to pop up. In this installment, we meet Moblivious and Cahoo, CEOs of two huge multi-billion dollar corporations that may bear some resemblance to real-world companies. Prepare yourself to enter the world of Clara County.


Clara County – Microsoft buys Yahoo

(9 frames)

Moblivious is a huge software conglomerate. His software runs 90% of the world’s computers, but he’s not really in touch with consumer’s needs. Cahoo is a recently hired CEO at a popular search engine company. She’s been looking for a buyer and believes Mo just might be interested.March 19, 2009View the previous episode where Inteligencia and Amdrose — two rival semiconductor manufacturers, are actually engaged in a bit of dramatic rivalry, in Clara County: x86 cross-license dispute.