Civil War documentary heading for 3D TV

A very old American war is about to get a very modern technological makeover.

Head of 3D TV channel 3net, Tom Cosgrove, said in a recent Hollywood Reporter article that the network is working on a 3D documentary covering the storied American Civil War.

The series, which has not yet been given an official title, is slated to run in four parts and will be the first time that memoribilia and artifacts from the battles have been captured for 3D TV cameras.

3net is a channel exclusive to DirecTV as part of the satellite operator’s 3D package. Much in the same way DirecTV did when HDTV programming was still scarce, it owns and operated its own set of 3D channels.

David Padrusch, a documentarian with experience covering the Civil War, will reportedly direct the feature. It will include present-day footage of war remains, interviews with historians and experts, and reenactments. All in 3D.

Nothing has yet been confirmed about when the documentary series will air.