Carmack: Rage a "console" game

San Francisco (CA)Id Software founder John Carmack has confirmed that Rage is designed to be played on console platforms.

“The largest chunk of our market’s going to be on consoles,” Carmack told Game Informer. “I mean, yes, you can use the mouse for it but it’s critical that the controller be the way that we design the game.”

However, Carmack explained that the PC version will offer higher resolutions and superior anti-aliasing. In addition, Carmack stated that Rage would be “cut,” or sold on two discs.  

“We would love to set the thing up where it filled one Blu-ray disc versus three DVDs, which is about the right mix, but the game just…we can’t cut it into a third like that,” said Carmack. “We can cut it into two pieces. We’ve got two large wastelands on there. We just couldn’t make an arbitary cut.”

Other Rage features published in Game Informer and reported by ShackNews include:

  • An engineering system that facilitates the construction of sentry turrets and RC car bombs.
  • Regenerative health.
  • Vehicular combat.
  • Weapon upgrades and alternate ammo.
  • Stealth capabilities.
  • Multiplayer modes – not yet finalized.