Capcom retools Street Fighter IV for the iPhone

Capcom is reportedly developing an iPhone-friendly version of Street Fighter IV.

According to Levi Buchanan of IGN, the company has taken months to design “suitable controls” for a platform with no physical buttons. 

“This is no quickie, banged-out port. [The game] employ[s] a virtual pad and move buttons to recreate the arcade stick right on the touchscreen,” wrote Buchanan. 

“[In addition], Capcom has taken assets straight from the current-gen code, so the new art style that won universal accolades is faithfully recreated on the iPhone’s smaller, but crisp screen.”

Buchanan also noted that the iPhone Street Fighter cast will include both Ryu and Ken, as well as a number of new characters.

“So, there is an excellent chance your personal favorite will end up in the mix. Each fighter has their complete move set, including the Ultras. The animations for the over-the-top Ultras have not been cut either,” explained Buchanan. 

“[Plus the iphone version of SF IV] allows two players to trade blows over Bluetooth, just like the arcade or console edition.”

Meanwhile, the Examiner’s Shui Ta reports that SF IV may also be ported to Sony’s PSP. 

“In a recent Q&A post on her Japanese blog, [project manager] Natsuki Shiozawa said that she wants Street Fighter IV on the PSP. In fact, many of her colleagues at Capcom expressed the same sentiment,” stated Ta.

“With the unveiling of the iPhone version, a PSP port wouldn’t be too far fetched. Not to mention that the precedent of porting high-defintion fighting games to handhelds has already been set by [a number of] other companies.”