Capcom details 3DS’s online features in Street Fighter

It looks like Nintendo’s upcoming handheld system won’t really do anything to address the many concerns gamers had with the DS’s online connectivity, leaving publishers like Capcom to pick up the slack.

Despite the very limited architecture of the 3DS’s online connectivity, it is still better than the DS. Street Fighter IV is one of the first third-party titles to be confirmed for the device and it wants to set a good tone of the launch of the platform.

So, Capcom has just released new details on how the game’s online modes will work. From the main menu, right away there’s an “Internet Versus” option. From there, you can go into a quick match or friend match. Quick matches will line you up with anyone else in limbo who has also selected Quick Match.

Unfortunately, the details do confirm that Nintendo’s aggravating friend code system will return.

It’s more than just about one-off battles, though. You’ll be able to run through the game’s arcade challenges with a known or unknown friend online as well. And if you just so happen to have a comrade in the same room with his own 3DS system, the game supports single-cart offline multiplayer.

Street Fighter as a franchise has always relied, almost exclusively, on multiplayer gaming. It is a fighting game after all. So even though the glasses-free 3D visuals are sure to stun, it needs to provide a good multiplayer experience as well. And it sounds like it will.