Can the iPad succeed as a gaming platform?

Although hard-core players are expected to shun the iPad as a viable gaming platform, a number of studios are pushing ahead to develop casual titles for the tablet device.

For example, NGMoco of Eliminate and TouchPets fame, is currently re-developing (iPhone) App Store games for the iPad, while concurrently designing native titles from scratch.

“What the iPad does is, it gives Apple and everyone who publishes [for iPad] the ability to intersect with another area of what I call a person’s entertainment map – and that’s in the home,” NGMoco spokesperson Clive Downie told AdAge

“Apple hasn’t really had that foothold in the house. It’s going to be a significant entertainment device; and gaming is a part of that.”

Mobclix co-founder Sunil Verma expressed similar sentiments.

“Its bigger screen, high resolution and better quality are more conducive to group type of games. You can imagine a family gathering around the iPad to play,” explained Verma. 

“This time around it will be different than with the iPhone because the premium game publishers are developing for it right off the bat. You’ll see a lot of great big titles at launch.”

Meanwhile, Michael Cai, a video game analyst with Interpret, noted that Apple can most assuredly count on indie game developer support. 

“If you asked people three or four years ago how they’d like to use their iPhones gaming probably wouldn’t have been high on the list. But Apple can bank on thousands of independent game developers and even traditional game developers and their creativity when it comes to iPad gaming,” added Cai.