Can Star Trek 2 hit warp 10?

It used to be a given that most sequels couldn’t live up to the originals. Then again, the bar has been set rather high for sequels in recent years.

One can only imagine what kind of pressure Chris Nolan and company must be feeling as he films the new Batman in Philadelphia. Ditto for JJ Abrams as he preps Star Trek 2 for the big screen.

Damon Lindeloff, who’s on the screenwriting team with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, told MTV the next Star Trek “has to be better” than the first, along the same lines that Dark Knight blew Batman Begins out of the water. 

With all the action Team Abrams had this summer, with Super 8, Cowboys & Aliens and even more (future) movies and TV shows, everyone’s been wondering where the next Star Trek is at.

We recently reported Abrams is indeed coming aboard to direct again. No, there still isn’t a completed script – but rather an outline which is not going to be ready right away or as as fast as Paramount would like it. But Abrams has made it clear it’s got to be done right.

Current speculation puts Star Trek 2 beginning production in January with a possible 2012 release, but 2013 seems somewhat more likely.

As Lineloff told MTV, “there was a lot of work going on over the course of the last year” with Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci. Out of that work came “a ninety-page half-script, half-treatment based on some meetings that we’ve had… Now that JJ is finally finished with Super 8 we’ve kind of, not thrown out that material, but we’re reworking a lot of it.”

Lindelof was a writer on Lost, and he’s also penned Prometheus, the upcoming Ridley Scott Alien prequel which isn’t really an Alien prequel.

Star Trek 2 is undoubtedly a major geek event that fans and many in the industry are eagerly awaiting, so expect additional updates from the front over the coming weeks and months.