Can geeks get lucky at shows like Comic-Con?

Er, no, we don’t mean finding a first generation copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. 

What we mean is, can nerds/geeks get lucky and hook up with a booth babe or a hot chick at Comic-Con?

At most geek conventions there’s a lot of good lookin’ women at the booths to attract people, and of course a lot of girls in those Princess Leia bikinis, so could Comic-Con be a meat market for nerds?

I mean, just imagine the pick up lines, “I got the first X-Men in my parents’s basement, wanna come over and see it?”

There were even Comic-Con fashion stories everywhere the week of the world’s most famous geek fest this past July. 

What? Fashion? Most people at Comic-Con dress like me, total slobs.

Oh right, that’s for the women who come in their Sucker Punch Catholic school girl uniforms and the hot movie stars who do the panels. I’m not gonna make the cover of GQ with my Slithis or Dracula Vs. Frankenstein t-shirts.


I’ve been to a number of geek conventions where beautiful women were everywhere, including the Playboy Expo in 1999, where I’ve never seen more beautiful women concentrated in one place in my life, but you gotta have a lot of game to get lucky at these.

I once mentioned the naïve prospect of someone getting lucky at one of these conventions, and a popular nude model immediately shot me a look that said, “Oh please.” 

A minute before I said this, a sweaty, overweight guy with coke-bottle glasses was rattling off trivia he knew about said model to her.

She was polite to him, but if there weren’t a ton of people around she probably would have pepper sprayed him, or run to the nearest bush to lose her lunch.


It’s nice to think that nerds and geeks can find the lone babe who sees you for your inner beauty, but AFAIK there hasn’t been a recorded instance of anyone meeting their soul mate, or even getting, er lucky, at Comic-Con (painful urban legends aside).

I will certainly write about it here first when it happens, because it would definitely be newsworthy along the lines of seeing Haley’s Comet.