BMW debuts concept e-scooter

BMW recently announced a new concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but instead of a car, the company is releasing details of its electric scooter design that it hopes to turn into a production vehicle.

Earlier this year, we covered news that the company was developing an all-electric scooter, and now BMW is proving more specifics on a model called the Motorrad Concept e. 

From the photos released, the Motorrad scooter looks much more stream-lined than the electric scooter announced this summer.

The green side panels covering the battery and drive unit, seen above, are made of acrylic glass with a rear-set metal grid. 

So far, few powertrain details about the electric vehicle have been unveiled, but BMW says the high volt technology (60+V), battery capacity, and regenerative braking system will give the scooter a range of approximately 60 miles, and that the scooter can be charged from a standard wall outlet in just three hours.

The concept scooter features some high-end extras, like two LCD display screens, seen in the image below, on either side of the digital dash that show the road behind the rider.

If you’re still disappointed BMW didn’t release a full-size car at the international auto show in Germany, fear not, as the manufacturer announced news of two green concepts less than a month ago.

These were also showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

* Aaron Colter, EarthTechling