Blizzard increases BlizzCon ticket prices, again

In the span of just three years, the price to get into Blizzard’s epic PC game party has shot from $100 to $175.

When BlizzCon launched in 2006, tickets were a pretty affordable $100, which remained the case for the two years that followed. But in 2009, Blizzard upped the price to $125. Last year they went to $150. For this year’s festivities it’ll cost you $175.

In addition to being a humongous LAN party, BlizzCon has become the site of celebrity sightings, exclusive in-game giveaways, and all around craziness. Some people have even gotten married there.

Even with the recently increased prices, though, it has still been a mad dash to get tickets. They have historically sold out within minutes of going on sale, so a bump up to $175 will likely not deter anyone. It will most likely make some gamers a bit annoyed, though.

If you can’t afford to buy a ticket, or to get out of work, you can always buy a “virtual ticket,” which gives you access to live streaming video and access to the show for $40.

If you, on the other hand, think the tickets are still too cheap, you can always attend the corresponding benefit dinner. A seat there will cost you $500.