Bikinis, boobs and beaches. Welcome to Paradise!

Do you like to watch scantily clad women in bikinis sexily frolicking on a pristine beach? Well, yes, who doesn’t?  

Certainly not Tecmo Koei chief Yoshiki Sugiyama. 

Yes, Sugiyama has attempted to convince a rather skeptical CVG interviewer that the controversial Dead Or Alive: Paradise game is about “beauty” and “titillation” rather than sex. 

“Picture yourself. You’re on the bus to work. You’re stuck in traffic and it’s raining outside. There’s someone sitting next to you shouting on their cell phone and a baby crying somewhere else. You can turn your PSP on and be transported instantly to this world of color and beauty,” Sugiyama waxed poetically.

“It’s pure, mobile escapism with a touch of titillation thrown in for good measure. That’s why we’ve brought it to PSP. There was a huge amount of interest and demand to have the franchise back on PlayStation, as well as in portable form, so the game naturally works for the PSP. We’re very happy with how it looks.”

Unsurprisingly, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling reacted to Sugiyama’s claim with more than a bit of cyncical skepticism. 

“There’s flagrant denial, and then there’s flagrant denial. I sincerely hope Sugiyama is being ironic with that disturbingly poetic description of one of gaming’s dirtiest secrets. I have no idea how you could say that you’re happy with Paradise’s visuals and keep a straight face,” wrote an agitated Sterling.

“Even if you could somehow find the game sexually pleasing, the PSP iteration is badly compressed and simply horrible to look at. I am astounded at how important and artistically accomplished Tecmo is able to make its DOA games sound, giving reality the finger with each untrue word.”