Best Buy starts testing used game trade-ins

While leading used game chain Gamestop says it doesn’t like being in the used games business, Best Buy is moving in on its turf. The retailer has begun testing a new in-store trade-in service at around 600 stores.

This adds to Best Buy’s online trade-in program which has been in place since last year. “The expansion of our trade-in program reaffirms our commitment to consistently pursue new ways to bring a better gaming experience to consumers,” said company VP Chris Homeister.

This comes after Gamestop, the #1 gaming retailer in the world, has said that it doesn’t like being in the used games business. However, as the top choice for gamers to sell their products, used games help bring in around $1.5 million in annual revenue to every single store.

Best Buy is, on the other hand, embracing the market. Beginning next week, customers who trade in select titles will get an extra $20 gift card as an incentive to take their business from Gamestop.

One other big advantage of Best Buy over Gamestop is that customers can check their trade-in values online at before going to the store. One of Gamestop’s tricks is not letting consumers know each game’s value, often sucking in a 99-cent game (which it will sell for around $5) amidst a group of titles.

Best Buy, however, only provides gift cards for game trades. It will not offer cash.