Bed intruder song goes viral on YouTube

A video featuring the previously unknown Antoine Dodson of Huntsville, AL has gone viral on YouTube.

The video – remixed by the Gregory Brothers – is based on a television interview with Dodson that was conducted shortly after an intruder broke into his sister’s apartment, crawled in bed and attempted to rape her.

As of 1:40PM PST, the remixed “Bed Intruder” song managed to garner 1,334,905 views since it was first posted on July 30.

“I know I am so glad because I feel like I belong to someone’s TV,” the now famous Dodson told WAFF.

“What people fail to realize is, we don’t run around crying acting sad. We dust our shoulders off and keep on moving.”

Nevertheless, Dodson emphasized that he remained angry at his sister’s attacker.

“Pretty much I’m going to be beat his **** and then I’m going to call the police while I’m beating his ****. I want you to feel what my sister feel when you came into her room.”