Battlestar Galactica enters Netflix orbit

It’s almost here! Yes, Battlestar Galactica will finally land on Planet Netflix next week, along with Syfy’s popular Eureka and Destination Truth.

So forget about waiting endless days for those BSG discs to arrive. 

Now you can watch Kara “Starbuck” Thrace and Bill Adama take on the Cylon toaster hordes for countless hours at a time.

And hey, who wouldn’t welcome a little extra screen time with the sexy Tricia Helfer, the hot Grace Park and the incredibly attractive Kandyse McClure?

But of course, the recent lucrative deal between Netflix and NBC Universal isn’t limited to just a few geeky sci-fi shows.

No, Netflix members (take that, Hulu!) will be able to stream a significant amount of new and archived content, such as SNL, 30 Rock, The Office and Law & Order: SVU.

Other popular shows include Friday Night Lights, In Plain Sight, Psych and Monk. 

So, does the recent increase in content signal a shift towards a Web streaming-only paradigm for Netflix in the United States?

Well, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed that the company was considering a Web streaming-only subscription model similar to the $8 service launched in Canada this past week.

And Douglas Anmuth, an equity analyst for Barclays Capital in New York, believes that a streaming-only package would likely result in increased revenue for the company.

“A cheaper subscription plan could be more attractive to new (subscribers),” Anmuth said in note to investors cited by the SF Chronicle.

“It would also likely carry higher gross margins and potentially even higher gross profit (over time), given the extremely low cost of delivering streaming content.”