Avalanche Studios: We are prepared for the Xbox 720

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft appears to have begun the process of designing and manufacturing a next-gen Xbox. Now, at least one studio says it is prepared for the so-called “Xbox 720.”

“[We are] absolutely [prepared]. It’s actually quite an interesting subject for us – because when we worked on Just Cause 1, the Xbox 360 came out [at around the same time],” Avalanche Studios CEO Christofer Sundberg told CVG during a recent interview.

“We had to do the 360 version in six months. It’s an interesting place again right now, where the projects we’re working on today might be coming out on [Microsoft’s] next technology.”

According to Sundberg, every current good games technology is so scalable, that once a new platform comes out “we [are]  prepared to deal with it.”

Although Sundberg obviously lacked specifics about the next-gen console, he did note “everyone agrees” the system won’t feature optical disc compatibility.


“[Yes], everyone is speculating. [Our] central engine team [believes MS] [is] working on something, [but we have seen] nothing confirmed in terms of specs and so on.

“[So] all we can do is guess and try to be as accurate as possible,” he added.