Aussie politician’s Twitter account hijacked

Nature abhors a vacuum, and when New South Wales premier Kristina Keneally ditched her Twitter account, one member of the Australian public spotted an opportunity.

Within hours, premierofnsw was up and running again, but with a slightly different take on events to the Bible-bashing politician. The link to the account from the NSW website remained unchanged.

“hi guys first off i am not the premier – she gave up this account so i reserved it. I wish i was premier though,” read the first message.

It continued: “For everyones information the link to my twitter page is because the NSW government cant manage a twitter acct let-alone a State.”

The new incumbent – who calls himself Joe – is less than happy about bus fares and government cuts. “It is getting dark. Feeling really safe since Malabar police station is closing. Thanks NSW government,” says one post.

Another mentions local planning chief Sam Haddad’s denial that he had accepted bribes, adding: “however NSW labor remains open 2 donations.”

Keneally had decided to consolidate her Twitter accounts (How many did she have?) into one official account, KKenealley.

A new post there reads: “KKeneally  thinks imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”