Audio problems lead to "Saving Private Ryan" Blu-ray recall

Paramount has issued a recall of its recent Blu-ray Disc release of Saving Private Ryan, with over 100,000 sold discs affected by a glitch in the film’s audio.

In chapter 15 of the Blu-ray movie, the synchronization between audio and video is off. Paramount confirmed that this is due to problems in the disc’s authoring process.

It’s exceedingly rare for a Blu-ray Disc to be completely recalled like this, especially with a title that sold over 100,000 copies. Last week it was the second-best-selling Blu-ray, behind Avatar.

And it seems that no online reviews of the disc even made note of the audio glitch. In fact, at sites like and the Home Theater Forum, the audio in the Blu-ray was heralded as masterful and nearly perfect.

Regardless, retailers have been told to pull all existing copies off store shelves, and customers who already purchased an affected version of the movie can call 1-888-370-8621 to request a new disc.