Ashley Biden bashes "The Donald" on Facebook

Ashley “Blazer” Biden, daughter of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, wants you to know that she hella dislikes Donald Trump and his “Birther” beliefs.

In fact, Biden – who said The Donald makes “makes [her] ill” – publicly challenged the billionaire (to a duel?), telling Trump to “bring it on.”

“This discussion or debate over whether or not President Obama has an American birth certificate is just so insulting,” Biden wrote in a Facebook post.

“[So I’m] boycotting the Apprentice!”

Biden was responding to claims by Trump that Obama may not have been born in America.

To be sure, the obviously bored billionaire recently boasted that he had investigators on the ground in Hawaii to discover Obama’s true origins. 

Of course, Biden (junior) wasn’t the only semi-political figure sounding off this week, as the ragin’ Sarah Palin said she wanted the federal government shut down ASAP, just so long as Obama took the blame.


“Pres will veto 1-week spending bill to avoid govt shutdown if Congress passes,” Palin shrilly tweeted.

“So, now $4T later, leaderless govt digs further debt, bickers over cutting peanuts – peanuts we don’t even have. It’s unsustainable! Let him shut it… Obama’s petulant obstruction = shutdown.”

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